Pet Sitting Story: The Day My Cats Tried to Ruin Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I listen to Christmas music on the radio and can hardly contain myself when it comes to giving presents. Surely, the most fun is decorating the tree and my whole apartment. The more garland, ornaments, d├ęcor, lights, and tinsel, the better.

Wait, did I say tinsel? Not this year. This year, I had cats.

Of course, cats are drawn to shiny, pretty things. Especially new, shiny, pretty things. But my apartment is relatively small, and I was going to park my tree right by the couch in the living room. If they decided to get a little spunky, I’d see it and redirect them towards one of their many toys.

Finally, the day had come to decorate the tree. I decided to start with some garland and strung it around and around in perfect circles along the curtain rod above the patio window. Not just one string, but four. Soon enough, it looked like a kaleidoscope of glitter was strung around my window, and I loved it.

Meanwhile, my cats were being curious, which I expected. They climbed their cat tower, which was in front of the patio window, and stared at the new treasure, completely starry-eyed. It was like they had seen the sun for the first time. Absolute true joy. It made me smile as I went about my decorating.

I tackled the side tables and TV stand with strings of lights, more garland, and brought out a few snow globes. Then, it was time to cover the tree in what could be described as an appreciation of Disney ornaments. In reality, 90% of the ornaments I own are Disney, and it was the best time covering nearly every section of the tree with Alice in Wonderland, Princess Jasmine, Cinderella, and Lilo and Stitch.

Finally, I placed the pointed ornament on the top, always the last piece to go on the tree. I stood back and marveled my work. This Christmas was going to be the best yet.

I turned to put a few boxes away.

Then, there was the first crash.

I rushed back in to find the tree tipped over and one cat with a very spiked, flicking tail, and another happily chomping on a light string.

Quickly, I nudged the second away from the tree, and calmed the first. Okay, I thought, that was bound to happen. The ornaments are all still intact. Everything is great.

I decided to finish putting away the boxes, and was soon met with a sharp ripping sound. The four garlands wrapped in a beautiful display hung loosely from one edge of the curtains, still swaying slightly from the attack. Two pairs of blinking, yellow eyes met me as if to say, Us? Never. That happened by itself.

Admittedly, I was frustrated and chose to avoid further damage. I gathered the garland and tossed it into a pile in the corner, until I decided something else to do with it.

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