Overnight Stays – Please contact us for a quote

Types of pets we care for:

  • Special Needs Pets
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Caged Pets
    (rabbits, hamsters, etc.)
  • Reptiles & Amphibians


Your pet may need some extra care and love. The overnight stay is for the pet that likes sleeping in bed with you and snuggling up next to someone. We understand that some pet just need that extra attention. Puppies, senior pets, pets on medication and pets that have anxiety can definitely benefit from our overnight stays.  They will be more comfortable and content.

In addition, many clients feel more secure with the extra level of security that an overnight stay provides as well. The overnight stay makes the house look lived in and we can watch over things like pipes in the winter months, sub pumps, furnaces, air conditioners and general things around the house.
We will arrive around 8pm for our overnight stay and stay until 6am (that is 10 hours). This service pairs well with day visits. The overnight stay takes care of the early morning visit and the evening visit so this will lower the cost for day visits. Along with the day basic pet sitting service, the overnight pet stay includes:

  • Feeding  your pets dinner
  • Feeding  your pets breakfast
  • Fill and freshen water regularly
  • Loads of attention for your pets like petting, hugs, play-time, exercise, etc.

Filling the pet sitter in on all the details of the pet’s routine and particulars about the house is very important. One very important item to remember is to show the pet sitter how the TV remote actually works! Some of the pets actually like watching TV with their companion.

Feed your pet and provide fresh water (including fish) Walk your pet around your neighborhood
Play or cuddle with your pet in your yard or home. Clean up any pet waste produced while we are there
Brush your pet Water your plants
Bring in your mail and/or newspaper Check for pet accidents, & clean up
Take out the garbage Fill treat toys.
Complete a safety check of the house (Electrical appliances) Adjust the lights, window treatments,or any other crime deterrent measures requested
Litter box clean up and do any other miscellaneous requests Administer any needed medications


Insured and Bonded
Pet First Aid & CPR Certified
Proof of Background Check
Member of Pet Sitters International

When you need a
dependable pet sitter,
call Pet Amigo Pet Care

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