About Toni, the Top Dog

My passion for animals began while growing up at my family’s cottage in the Irish Hills area. While others were playing tag or hide-in-go-seek I could be found in my rubber raft discovering the vast wildlife that the lake had to offer. Finding and caring for injured turtles, playing with frogs and catching snakes were just a few things I enjoyed. I once found a baby squirrel I named Chipper and my family and I cared for him and released back into the wild.

I am a proud alumnus of Notre Dame Academy and attended the University of Toledo and major in business. After college I found myself thriving in the Marketing Research field and spent twenty three productive years helping companies grow their businesses. After years of helping neighbors and friends with their pet needs, from trimming nails to pet sitting, I decided to take my passion and create a business. This is where the inception of Pet Amigo Pet Care became a reality.

My goal with Pet Amigo Pet Care is to be there for pets when they need it most; when their family is away, anything a pet needs is the service I will provide. I love what I do and I have a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that I am helping animals and people to care for their pets in their home.

About Kristine

I have lived in the Toledo, Ohio area my entire life and attended Maumee schools in my earlier years, graduating from Bowsher High School. I entered the nursing profession after high school where I became a health care provider.

During my summer vacations I worked on a ranch tending, grooming and exercising horses. I can't remember a time when animals and pets weren't a big part of my life. I've always felt the need to take care of them because they seemed so helpless and dependent on humans for their comfort and survival. Just like humans all they really want is someone who will show them love and attention and give them a sense of security.

My background as a health care provider has afforded me the opportunity to work with people who not only needed physical care, but who were also in need of patience, compassion, and a reassuring hand. I am able to easily transfer the care of humans and their needs to the animals that I care for.

Working for Pet Amigo Pet Care is the most personally rewarding position I have ever had as it's not just a job. I am proud knowing that I am providing each and every pet the loving care that they not only need but also deserve. Along with that comes the satisfaction that I am also providing the pet owners a feeling of security and comfort without worrying about the care of their pets and home while they are away.

About Keisha

I grew up in Wisconsin and was lucky enough to have a home in the woods with a big yard that I loved to play in. Most of my childhood memories include running around this yard with my first dog, a German Shepherd, followed by two Labrador retrievers.

In 2012, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a Bachelor’s in English. I love reading and writing, but working with animals has always been my calling, ever since my first puppy. I have taken care of neighbor’s and friend’s pets, including now my own three-legged dog, two cats, and a gerbil named Ernest Hemmingway. I was able to professionally care for animals, to not only make them look but feel good, as a Grooming Assistant at the PetSmart Grooming Salon, and now with Pet Amigo.

Taking care of animals in their homes is more than just providing food and water, it’s about companionship. This also means every day with them is an adventure. Each pet is different in their own way, and it is extremely rewarding to get to know them, and to see their excited faces when they see you come in the door to take care of them again. That’s what it’s all about.

About Angela

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. It was clear from a very young age that I was an animal lover; of all sorts. When I was six months old my father brought home a tiny puppy to join our family that he found abandoned behind a gas station and he named her Missy. The vet said she was German Shepard and Doberman mix, so she wasn’t tiny for long! She may have been the family dog but my best friend. My parents have so many stories of our adventures together and how we were inseparable. I loved spending time with my pets and learning their behavior.

There wasn’t really an animal I was afraid of; I’d play by the creek near my Grandmothers and catch frogs and garter snakes. My family has had so many different types of pets over the years: Birds, fish, rodents, reptiles even ducks a couple times. Every animal has a personality just like people. While attending Rogers High school my parents and I discovered Natural Science Technology Center (N.S.T.C) and that school had an Animal Care and Dog Grooming Program. I was so ecstatic! My junior year of high school was the animal care or pet shop training with such a wide variety from aquatics and reptiles to ferrets, rats, rabbits even bugs. Senior year we learned pet grooming. While attending my junior year a class mate’s dog had puppies and I adopted the runt of the litter which she became the class room puppy. I t was a lot of fun taking my puppy to school with me every day; she is 11years old now, but still my baby.

After I graduated high school I was a pet groomer for a little over 4 years but decided I didn’t want to be a groomer forever and curious what else the world had to offer, so I decided to enroll at Owens and work on an associate degree. I’ve held various jobs and even worked in a couple offices but cubicles weren’t for me. I like to be a little creative and stay busy, so I have been a pizza delivery driver while in college. When I heard that I could earn money pet sitting, I was extremely excited to spoil others loved ones while they are at work or on vacation. Being a pet sitter is one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs that I have ever worked. Even when I’m not having the best day the animals that look forward to my assistance make my day so much brighter.


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