Our Pet Sitting services will give you peace of mind that your best friend gets the exercise and attention they need.
When you need a dependable pet sitter to break up the boredom of a long day alone for your pet, call Pet Amigo. (419)350-5736

Going on a vacation?
Long day at work?
Pet Amigo can help insure your pet's happiness.

Pets love our fun time together, because of everyone’s busy schedule it is hard to provide all of the care and exercise it takes to keep your pets happy. When you come home you will find a more relaxed and satisfied pet.

Our visits will also help you feel less guilty about working late or not being able to come home at lunch to let you best friend out.
Our Mission
To treat your pets like they were a part of our family. We will provide a personal touch and loving care for your pets. Our services will offer you experienced care and peace of mind while you are away. We want to make sure your pets have fun, are secure and feel safe. We will make sure your pets enjoys every minute he or she spends with us. Our goal is to give your pets the best care possible and build a special bond with them.

Why Use a Professional Pet Sitter?
Allow your pet to stay in their comfortable and secure surroundings. Pets like to stay in their routine; by staying in their own homes they are able to eat at their regular time and keep with their medication and exercise routines.

Reduce the stress for your pets when you are away.

• Older pets will feel better in their own homes.

No unfamiliar animals or environment.

No risk of disease is passed on.

• Your pets will receive love and individual attention.

Provide a sense of security for your pets and home, because the home appears to be occupied.

There is no imposing on your family or neighbors to care for your pets.

Eliminates the risk of someone forgetting or not coming at the right times. This is important when medication is involved.

Insured and Bonded

• Pet First Aid & CPR Certified

Proof of Background Check

Member of Pet Sitters International


Insured and Bonded
Pet First Aid & CPR Certified
Proof of Background Check
Member of Pet Sitters International

When you need a
dependable pet sitter,
call Pet Amigo Pet Care

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